Esteem Self-Defense Success Story

Many times potentially violent situations can be averted with assertiveness. In the scenario described in this blog, much of the “interview” is dispensed with; there was a little chatting, and then things rapidly turned violent when the gang believed that they were in a position of power and that there was nothing to stop them. At that point, my student needed to use a physical technique to end the interaction. Continue

Being Assertive with Acquaintances

Understand that being assertive means finding the middle ground between passive and aggressive. Assertiveness is getting your needs met while being respectful of the needs of others. If more people adopted an assertive style of communication, we would all feel more respected, more heard, and definitely more understood. Continue

Should You Carry Pepper Spray?

Through the marketing of these products, women are being told we need some kind of external weapon to be successful in resisting an assault. It’s just another way that our bodies are under attack. The message is that we are lacking, insufficient, and weak and must rely on a weapon like pepper spray in the absence of a strong man to protect us. Continue