Lauren RoseeleLauren Roselle, one of Southern California’s most sought after experts on the topics of interpersonal communication, assertiveness, harassment prevention and self-defense, is the founder and President of Esteem, a communication consulting firm. Lauren’s expertise includes personal coaching, group trainings, and motivational public speaking. With 26 years of experience in self-defense and assault prevention, Lauren believes that communication is the key component to confidence and personal safety because most conversations about self-defense gradually circle back to concerns about verbal and nonverbal communication.

After volunteering as a counselor on the Los Angeles Rape and Battering Hotline, supporting survivors who shared their assault stories, Lauren was highly motivated to begin working to reach women before they were in need of counseling. She moved from intervention to prevention, becoming a certified self-defense instructor and founding Esteem in 1991.

Lauren holds a Master’s Degree in Interpersonal Communication and has provided programs to a diverse array of corporations, organizations, colleges, middle and high schools, and individuals reaching over 28,000 participants with her lively and enthusiastic teaching style. Lauren’s mission is to empower those around her to communicate confidently and with Esteem.

Christina Lopez is a Communications Consultant with Esteem specializing in inclusivity, diversity, cultural awareness, harassment prevention, leadership development, and community organizing.

Lopez is a Southern California native with a bi-coastal experience that has shaped her desire to pursue culturally-rich and diverse environments wherever she goes. Her mission is to educate, equip, and empower others to pursue their passions while also giving back to and standing up for their community. Christina’s recent work as a Community Engagement Fellows Manager with the non-profit group Organizing For Action has solidified her commitment to community, partnership, and collaboration. Through her organizing work, Christina has earned many partnerships within the community. During her time with OFA, Christina founded the Inland Empire chapter and led the largest single-manager Community Engagement Fellowship in the nation. She was OFA’s Featured Fellow in Spring ’17, and was also a guest speaker at OFA’s Leadership Summit in Chicago, Illinois.
She recently attended an intimate event with President Obama, where she had the opportunity to share her story with him. Christina has a passion for people. By leading with her heart to train, motivate, and develop others into the leaders they are meant to be, Christina is on a mission to play a large part in creating a far more inclusive and compassionate world.

Berit Elizabeth is a professional speaker and trainer specializing in body language and emotional intelligence. Her signature approach focuses on developing Emotive Agility® for leadership, personal development and enhanced communication skills in the workplace. Berit studied theatrical directing and social psychology at Carnegie Mellon University and New York University.
She is also certified through the EI Skills Group and through The Science of People. Her interdisciplinary background affords her a unique insight into designing interactive trainings for lasting impact. She has been invited to work with professional groups such as the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute, Brattleboro Hospital and Wharton School of Business.

Currently residing in Massachusetts, Berit enjoys partnering with Esteem through The Elevate Program and bringing her trainings to audiences from coast-to-coast.




Linda Tatka
is Esteem’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing. With over 20 years of corporate management experience, Linda understands the challenges faced by today’s companies and firms.

Linda is excited to be part of Esteem, the premier training provider on the topics of interpersonal communication, Inclusion training, harassment prevention and self-defense.  Linda looks forward to working with your business to create and develop a blend of solutions that drive employee performance and meet business needs.
Linda is a California native, and currently resides in the Bay Area.  She enjoys spending time outdoors, biking and hiking.







Meredith Gold has been teaching Adrenal Stress Scenario Training (ASST) programs since 1992, having worked with a variety of self defense organizations, including Impact Personal Safety in Los Angeles and Rocky Mountain Combat Applications Training in Colorado in addition to teaching her own program, RAW Power Real World Self Defense and Empowerment Training.

Meredith’s primary focus has been teaching women, teens and kids, but she has also been instrumental in bringing awareness of this training method to the international martial arts community. She created a series of training DVDs forCentury Martial Arts and was a contributing editor for Black Belt Magazine for 5 years. Meredith was inducted into Black Belt’s Hall of Fame in 2003, naming her their “Woman of the Year.”Meredith loves the energy of collaboration and teamwork, so she is thrilled to be a part of the Esteem Team. She resonates strongly with the organization’s mission: empowering people to walk through the world with less fear and more confidence.

mattMatthew Harris is the lead instructor in both the teen boys and men’s programs at Esteem. Matthew enjoys being a self-defense instructor with Esteem, especially working with teen girls and boys as both an instructor and padded assailant.

With a B.A. Degree in Theatre from UCLA and 8 years of experience teaching with Esteem, Matt’s talents are a natural fit for his newest role in the organization: leading the The Esteem Players. Matt’s passions lie in conducting seminars and teaching classes that involve promoting confidence, self respect and empowerment to any and all who seek it. His talents combined with his commitment to Esteem’s mission makes him an invaluable member of the Esteem Team.

Mikes-pic1Michael Belzer is a lifelong martial artist who began his training at the age of nine. He has travelled and trained in Japan, Malaysia, and The Philippines studying the arts of Jujutsu And Escrima. In addition to martial arts training, Mike has been teaching women’s self defense and empowerment since 1990 working with programs such as Impact Personal Safety, RMCAT, Project Blind Ambition, and R.A.W. Power. Mike joined Esteem in 2000 and enjoys teaching Esteem for Boys as well as working as a“padded assailant” instructor in the safety trainings for girls and women.

Allison Mennie, a social media expert, is the Director of Marketing and Social Media at Esteem. As well as managing our online presence, Allison is an Esteem Class alumna and from this experience can speak to the importance of these classes. Prior to working at Esteem, Allison ran her own small-business strategy consulting firm. When she isn’t updating Esteem’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, she’s out paddle-boarding or hiking with her two dogs. Allison is excited to be working at Esteem and feels fortunate to be a part of empowering people to communicate better and learn self-defense.

Ron Vizansky has been teaching men, women, teens, and children self defense since 1989. He joined the Esteem team in 1995 as one of our “muggers,” giving students the opportunity for adrenalized training against a padded assailant. He’s worked with many organizations in this capacity including Impact Personal Safety, Kidpower, Project Blind Ambition, RMCAT, and R.A.W. Power. Traveling to many states, and several countries, Ron has empowered thousands of students to use their voices and bodies to stay safe.