Sexual Harassment Prevention

  • Informative, entertaining, AB1825-compliant sessions for all levels of personnel (Executives, Managers, Supervisors, Employees)
  • Interactive role-plays tailored to address the needs of each unique workplace
  • Focus on defining and exploring “gray areas” of sexual harassment
  • Trainings for Management and staff

Setting Personal and Professional Boundaries

  • Define professional boundaries that enhance harmonious and appropriate working conditions
  • Develop clear, effective workplace communication skills
  • Learn to speak to coworkers in appropriate and non-confrontational language

Stepping Forward: Leadership Training

  • Learn the hallmarks of collaborative leadership
  • Understand the roles of emotional intelligence and technical knowledge
  • Understand one’s talents and skills and learn how to apply them in the real world

Conflict Transformation

  • Learn the five conflict styles and recognize when each is most effective
  • Master the building blocks to assertive communication
  • Understand the impact of nonverbal communication

Did I Just Say That? Inclusivity Training in Today’s Climate

  • Manage intercultural conflict more effectively and efficiently
  • Recognize adverse communication situations and practice resolution skills
  • Half and Full-Day Trainings for Management

No Matter What You Say, Your Body Speaks Louder

  • Building trust when giving and receiving feedback
  • Bringing out the best in others by inspiring confidence
  • Listening with compassion and decoding non-verbal cues
  • Developing a powerful presence while public speaking
  • Networking and building meaningful relationships

Taking the Lead: Leadership Styles for Millennials

  • Engage in self reflection about personal experiences with the leadership paradigm
  • Understand cultural and generational perspectives that factor into leadership choices
  • Develop a leadership style that reflects individual values and honors the values and needs of others

8-Tracks to Ipods: Bridging Generational Gaps

  • Understand what distinguishes Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Gen Y and how their communication styles differ
  • Develop tools to relate to subordinates from different generational cultures
  • Learn to manage intergenerational conflict

Loud and Clear: Understanding Listening Styles and Gaining Listening Skills

  • Decode nonverbal communication
  • Develop active listening skills
  • Learn to communicate like a listener and listen with empathy

Assertiveness Training for Women

  • Determine personal comfort zones and set boundaries that stick
  • Distinguish among passive, assertive and aggressive behavior
  • Learn about the importance of voice control and body language when dealing with acquaintances and strangers who do not respect personal or professional boundaries

Safe Travels: A Seminar for Women

  • Taxis, Uber and Lyft
  • Elevators, parking structures, and hotel security
  • Situational awareness while traveling
  • When the client is the problem

Home and Family Safety

  • Develop a family safety plan
  • Learn about home security and how to respond to a home invasion
  • Gain skills to protect children and other vulnerable family members

Bullies in the Workplace

  • Understand the definition of workplace bullying and how hostile environment laws pertain
  • Identify environments that foster workplace bullying
  • Empower individuals with skills to transform workplace communication environments

Personal Safety Seminar

  • Gain skills for avoidance, deterrence, and resistance of physical and verbal assault
  • Learn to assess the potential danger in a situation
  • Participate in an interactive question-and-answer style format addressing individual concerns about assertiveness, safety, and self-defense

Self-Defense for Women

  • Master easy to learn hands-on physical self-defense techniques
  • Participate in verbal role-plays
  • Learn body language and voice control
  • Move beyond the freeze response
  • Deliver full-force debilitating blows to equipment or a padded “assailant” in a variety of simulated attack scenarios
  • Advanced courses may include opportunity to practice skills in role play scenarios involving weapons and multiple attackers

Self Defense for Men

  • Learn about boundary setting, including the importance of distance, ego control, and de-escalation techniques
  • Master easy to learn hands-on physical self-defense techniques
  • Practice defensive counter-attacks, blocks, and strikes to equipment or a padded “assailant” in a variety of simulated attack scenarios
  • Gain proficiency in verbal and nonverbal communication
  • Advanced courses may include opportunity to practice skills in role play scenarios involving weapons and multiple attackers