Time Required:          3 hours* 

Participants will


  • The hallmarks of collaborative leadership
  • The power of influence
  • How to lead superstars, under-performers, and average performers
  • Vision casting
  • Leadership styles that reflect individual values and honor the values and needs of others



  • The roles of emotional intelligence and technical knowledge
  • Cultural and generational perspectives that factor into leadership choices
  • Their personal experiences with the leadership paradigm
  • The value of influence
  • What a team needs from their leader



  • Their archetype of leadership
  • How attainable/tangible leadership is for each person


Our training goal is for participants to understand their talents and skills as well as how to apply these to the world around them. The facilitator encourages participants to step out of self-imposed boxes and embrace creative approaches to leadership.


*We tailor our programs to meet your needs. Ask about other training length options