Bring Esteem to You:

Regardless of whether you’re a school, college, company, or organization, communication training is an essential part of what helps your students, faculty, staff, or management enhance their interpersonal and professional communication skills. At Esteem, we offer specialized trainings in assertiveness, personal safety, self-defense, and harassment prevention that provide participants with the tools needed to create a safe, respectful culture in your institution.

About Us:

Esteem is a communication consulting firm established in 1991 by Lauren Roselle with a mission to empower everyone to walk through the world with less fear and more confidence. Since then, our team of committed, passionate professionals has reached over 30,000 participants through workshops and trainings. Our staff has a combined 95 years of teaching experience. Regardless of the specific training, clients can be assured a dynamic facilitator who fully engages the participants. During our trainings, we strive to create an enlivened environment enabling students to discover skills to grow into more effective communicators in all aspects of life.

What We Do:

We provide assertiveness, personal safety, and self-defense training to teen girls and women through middle schools and high schools, organizations, colleges, and private coaching for individuals. We also offer violence avoidance training for teen boys and men. In addition to working with academic institutions, we provide interactive inclusivity, leadership, and sexual harassment prevention training to corporations, law firms, colleges, and a variety of other organizations.  We tailor each training to the specific needs of the school, company, or organization, with 95% of our clients renewing their contracts with us year after year.   

Why It Matters:

Whether you are concerned about improving the communication climate at your organization, the personal safety of your community, or issues surrounding potential liability for harassment or assault, the research is clear: the right kind of training has a significant impact on changing behaviors and outcomes. Research has found that:

  • Young women who took a comprehensive self-defense course that included verbal boundary-setting skills were 63% less likely to be the target of an attempted assault. (2015 Study)
  • In person sexual harassment prevention training conducted by an external expert that includes active participation with other trainees was found to be the most impactful (EEOC)

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