Loud and Clear: Understanding Listening Styles and Gaining Listening Skills

  • Decode nonverbal communication
  • Develop active listening skills
  • Learn to communicate like a listener and listen with empathy

Parenting with Compassion and Connection

  • Develop strategies that reduce frustration
  • Keep marriages strong in the face of sibling rivalry, divisive children, and other set-backs
  • Explore the challenges of parenting, including discipline and parenting special needs children

Sticks and Stones: The Power of Words

  • Recognize the power of words to influence relationships and environments
  • Build self-Esteem
  • Learn responsible, effective communication

Beyond the Bully: From Bystander to Action-Taker

  • Understand what constitutes bullying behavior
  • Learn to take an active role in creating a bully-resistant environment
  • Gain verbal and nonverbal communication skills to respond to bullying

Not in Our School: Creating and Maintaining a Bully-Resistant Environment

  • Identify and support participants in the bullying triad (bully, target, and bystander)
  • Understand communication dynamics that perpetuate the bullying cycle versus those that foster positive communication
  • Enhance established academic curricula to incorporate anti-bullying pedagogy and foster empathy and collaboration

From Milk Money to Cyber-Stalking: Understanding Bullying in the 21st Century (For Parents)

  • Understand the roles played in the bullying paradigm
  • Learn to recognize the warning signs of children impacted by bullying
  • Develop strategies for raising empathetic children who take an active leadership role in creating bully-resistant environments

Keeping Our Children Safe: Sane Talk for Concerned Parents

  • Develop a realistic sense of dangers facing today’s children
  • Learn how to talk to children about safety in an empowering rather than frightening way
  • Gain information about avoiding abduction, molestation, and peer harassment/assault

A Kid’s Best Defense (K-6)

  • Recognize danger and choose safer options to avoid assault and abduction
  • Develop self-Esteem and build communication skills
  • Distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate touch