6 Lessons From Self-Defense Class That Matter When You’re Speaking Truth To Power

These tips I learned in my self-defense classes with Esteem have gotten me through many difficult situations in my life. The funny thing is, they don’t just apply to situations in which my personal safety is threatened. They’re guidelines for how to walk through the world with less fear and more confidence. Continue

California’s College Sex Consent Law

The law stipulates that a person must communicate an “unambiguous yes” to sex and further states that someone cannot give consent if they are drunk or unconscious. This should be obvious, but we know from looking at the statistics that it is not, and there are plenty of assaults against women that occur under these circumstances. Continue

Esteem’s New Look

Esteem has reached over 27,000 participants with our dynamic trainings and we look forward to continuing our mission of creating interpersonal communication solutions for individuals, schools, and companies for many years to come. Toward that end, I invite you to check out the site here and leave a comment on the blog to let us know what you think. Continue