Number of participants: Maximum 20-25

Length of training 4-5 hours *

Both the boys’ and girls’ version of this training focus on solutions to many common (and challenging) social situations that young people find themselves in today. In addition, we introduce physical self-defense training for worst-case scenarios.



  • Dating and party safety
  • Safety in public situations
  • The power of nonverbal messages
  • How boys and men interpret nonverbals
  • The keys to consent



  • How to say “No”
  • Skills for setting and enforcing verbal and physical boundaries
  • How to Identify and resist harassment
  • Interactive role-plays


Physical Techniques

  • Techniques to resist a physical assault
  • How to use your strengths against someone else’s weaknesses
  • Strikes to vital areas
  • What it means to have a fighting spirit



  • The power of nonverbal messages
  • The importance of respecting someone’s wishes
  • The cultural messages we receive about masculinity and femininity
  • Respectful ways to interact with girls
  • A clear understanding of what constitutes sexual harassment
  • The tools to recognize potential danger
  • The keys to consent



  • Techniques for properly confronting situations
  • How to read body language
  • Skills to channel anger
  • Techniques for defusing potential problems


Physical Techniques

  • Blocking punches
  • Defensive counter-attacks


*Longer versions of these trainings are also available.


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