Time Required:                       90 min – 3 hours                                      

Maximum Enrollment:          25 (Ask about our programs for larger groups)


Participants learn how to correctly interpret verbal and nonverbal communications that are common in social situations, including dating. This seminar teaches participants how to recognize when a verbal altercation between men is escalating to a physical fight and how to de-escalate the situation. In addition, through critical discussion of complicated interpersonal communication scenarios, men learn how to avoid getting into situations that might be interpreted as unwelcome attention or even coercion. Our male instructors provide a comfortable and safe space where students are encouraged to frankly discuss and analyze the dynamics of gender in communication.


Course Includes:

  •  Nonverbal messsages: What are you communicating?
  •  Understanding cultural messages about masculinity and femininity
  • Communicating with women
  • Friendliness, flirtation, seduction…. What’s happening?
  • Swooping
  • Respecting someone’s wishes
  • Properly confronting situations
  • The power of body language
  • Consent
  • Standing up and speaking out
  • Personal accountability


The following self-defense skills for men is included in the 3-hour version:

  • Channeling anger
  • Defusing potential problems
  • Blocking punches
  • Counter-attacks


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