This workshop will review the entertaining and informative facts about the power of body language. This includes the nonverbal patterns of influence and practical skills for executives, managers and front-line employees.


  • Inspire attendees to leverage the power of body language to enhance communication between colleagues, clients and employees.
  • Teach the nonverbal science of leadership through actionable strategies that can be immediately implemented.
  • Demonstrate the power of being congruent with words, emotions, and body language to build strong relationships and to leave a great first impression.


Possible Topics & Skill Areas:

  • Decoding nonverbal cues
  • How to use power body language & presence during presentations
  • Building trust while giving and receiving feedback
  • The science of connection & engagement for team-building
  • Leveraging body language at networking events
  • Unlocking the nonverbal science of sales


Upon learning about each skill, attendees will take part in breakout groups where they will use fun, interactive exercises to put their new skills into practice.


Esteem is delighted to partner with body language expert, Berit Elizabeth.

Berit is a professional speaker and trainer specializing in body language and emotional intelligence. Her signature approach focuses on developing Emotive Agility® for leadership, personal development and enhanced communication skills in the workplace. Berit studied theatrical directing and social psychology at Carnegie Mellon University and New York University.

She is also certified through the EI Skills Group and through The Science of People. This interdisciplinary background affords her a unique insight into designing interactive trainings for lasting impact. She has been invited to work with professional groups at the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute, Brattleboro Hospital and Wharton School of Business.


The workshop was really fun, enlightening, and goal-oriented. It has affected my life in a lot of ways: I have started noticing my physical and mental states in relationships. It’s been very helpful to think of how others perceive my body language, if sometimes I am giving off an emotion that I haven’t been aware of at all, or if I would like to improve someone’s mood or counteract somebody’s anger. The best applications of this work are in any interactions with people.

-Clarissa W.