Time Required:       2-3 hours* 

Participants will


  • Why microaggressions matter: Intent vs. Impact
  • How to recognize and respond to microaggressions
  • People first language



  • The veils of social interaction
  • The role of implicit bias


Master the Skills of:

  • Respectfully interrupting microaggressions
  • Being an ally


Using a lively and interactive format, the facilitator creates a safe environment for the participants to explore cultural diversity and inclusivity. Participants have the opportunity to practice the skills learned in role-play scenarios. We take an educational and empowering approach to inclusivity training that encourages intentional participation. Students leave equipped with the tools needed to become part of the solution.

*We tailor our programs to meet your needs. Ask about other training length options

Half and Full Day trainings available for managers


“Over my 30 years in the behavioral health field, I have attended almost that many Diversity Trainings. Yes, the name of the training has changed over the years but the overall messages have been consistent and helpful as I developed as a team member, manager and leader.

So it was with curiosity and guarded expectation that I attended a recent Inclusivity and Diversity Training with Esteem. As I watched the trainer engage everyone in the room, including the team member in the back corner playing on his phone, it was great to see the transformation of the managers attending the training. They started to listen as the material was not bullets on a power point but was the trainer’s life experiences. With the small group exercises where we practiced what we would do as managers, we all learned more about ourselves and each other.

The results were stellar. We all were reminded of our humanness and the complexity of the human condition. The material was not new to most of us but how we used the material was different and fun. Often managers want to train their team members in staff meetings or on the job. What was remarkable about this training was the request of the managers to have all staff trained by Esteem.

Thanks much for creating and delivering a training that captured how easily we can become biased and more importantly, how we can recognize such, and manage to the strengths of all our team members.”

Shawna Morris

Senior Vice President and Executive Director, California, Phoenix House