Time Required:        3 – 4 hours                

Maximum Enrollment:        20


This workshop offers participants an introduction to the physical techniques involved in self-defense. Male-identified and female-identified co-facilitators create a space for everyone to learn a variety of hands-on techniques along with the added opportunity to train with a “padded assailant” in the 4-hour version. This workshop is a safe space for all LGBTQI individuals.


Training Includes:


  •  Myths and realities of sexual assault and hate crimes
  •  Assessment of dangerous situations
  • Acting on your instincts



  • The difference between “assertive” and “aggressive”
  • How to respond to being followed
  • Body language
  • Voice control
  • Diplomatic limit setting with strangers and acquaintances
  • Interactive verbal role-plays


Physical Techniques

  • Moving beyond the “freeze” response
  • Implementing the “adrenaline rush” to your advantage
  • Easily mastered physical techniques:
    • Strikes to head, groin, and knees
    • Introductory weapon training (4-hour version)