Time Required:                   90 min – 3 hours                                          

Maximum Enrollment:       25 (Ask about our larger-group version of this training)


If we were only able to offer only one training on college campuses, this would be our top choice. It is jam-packed with the information, skills, and techniques that every woman needs to feel confident about her personal safety, especially during her college years.


Course Outline Includes:


  • Dating safety
  • Safety in public situations (parties, sidewalks, etc.)
  • Nonverbal messages: What are you communicating?
  • What the culture teaches men about how to interpret nonverbal communication


  • How to say “No”
  • Body language
  • Setting and enforcing boundaries
  • Resisting harassment

Also Included in the 3-hour version:


  • Moving beyond a freeze response
  • Resisting physical assault
  • Using your strengths against someone else’s weaknesses
  • Strikes to vital areas



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