Training time: 4-5 hours

Maximum number of participants: 20-25

This introductory self-defense workshop empowers girls with the skills to avoid, deter, and resist verbal and physical assaults. Unlike other self-defense courses, our trainings highlight interpersonal communication skills and emphasize confidence over “safety.” Our self-defense trainings differ from traditional self-defense trainings that focus solely on physical skills without acknowledging the communication and emotional components inherent in situations that escalate to violence

Training includes:


  • Myths and realities of assault and abduction
  • Understanding and listening to “The Creepy Feeling”
  • Safety techniques for school, home and parties
  • What to do when you are being followed


  • Finding your personal “No”
  • Body language
  • Setting and enforcing boundaries
  • Resisting harassment
  • Interactive role-plays
  • Dating safety (high school)

Physical Techniques

  • Ready stance
  • Standing techniques
  • Frontal attack responses
  • Rear attack responses
  • Fighting from the ground


Ask us about our classes that include full-contact training with a padded “assailant.”

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