Should You Carry Pepper Spray?

Through the marketing of these products, women are being told we need some kind of external weapon to be successful in resisting an assault. It’s just another way that our bodies are under attack. The message is that we are lacking, insufficient, and weak and must rely on a weapon like pepper spray in the absence of a strong man to protect us. Continue

The Power of Telling

Contrary to our instinct to hide traumatic experiences, the quickest route to healing from rape is to talk about it– with a friend, a counselor, or even on a hotline. Many years ago, I volunteered on a rape and battering hotline and nearly every call I took ended with the caller saying she felt better just having talked about it. Continue

Learn From My Mistakes: A Carjacking Story

Often, people get injured in a carjacking not because the perpetrator planned on injuring them but because they were frustrated that the victims didn’t do what they were told to do efficiently enough – in my case: “Leave your purse in the car.” There was nothing in my purse that was worth my life, but I wasn’t thinking clearly at the time. Continue